Most frequent questions and answers

This is a social media marketing job, you have to promote online packages through the Internet.

As soon as you join, You will be eligible to do some tasks that is starts from Instant commission

which is 25% on your all referral joining (freelance members)

2nd, if you visit the website every day, then you will get Rs.1 in your website wallet everyday.

Even if someone visits our website with your reference, you will also get Rs.1 on every visit.

You will be able to earn the commission only when you reach level 2. But we will definitely give a discount to the client you brought

When you have a team of few people, then it will be easy for the company to give you social media interaction work.

Level 3

Get social media interaction work on your email or WhatsApp to interact & earn, company will share some profiles to interact, example: Subscribe youtube channels of our clients, like facebook pages, follow Instagram, review products, Download apps etc…

No..! This is the special discount coupons of our social media packages.

You can only buy our packages from coupons, and to redeem 1000 points it is necessary to order minimum of Rs.5000.

Yes, If the company employee, promoter or freelancer has taken payment from you without informing you about the membership plan, then the company will refund you 100% of your money.

First of all, you pay the fees, your money will come in the account wallet created on our website. You can use the points in that wallet to buy any of our products or services. And if you continue to work with us, then you will be able to increase the credit of that wallet and can also withdraw as cash if there is a minimum of 500 credits.

Yes, you can recharge your wallet with a minimum of Rs 100, but from that fund you can buy only the service or product of the website, but the added fund by you cannot be withdrawal in cash.

Yes, you have to pay the renewal charges after the 90 days from the joining to continue the freelance work.

Note: You will be able to use your any balance credits of your wallet till 1 year even if you do not renew the membership.

No, this is not a network marketing and multi-level marketing job, it is simply a lucrative business, you become a part of the affiliate program of the company, they earn commissions by selling digital media services.